This year has been full of surprises, pleasant ones of course. I am experiencing God in different ways and I am simply short of words to describe Him, except that…He’s simply God and His ways are not our ways.
The Lord Jesus has the ultimate power to make things happen at His chosen time.
We go through challenges in life and some come with so much baggage, you feel like throwing in the towel, but grace carries us beyond our human strength. The woman with the issue of blood in the book of Mark chapter 5, had lost her identity and wealth to a twenty year of affliction, and yet things got worse until when she heard of Jesus passing by and she purposed in her heart to go to Him for healing. This woman was desperate and was at her wit end. Her knowledge of Jesus Christ as the deliverer and her determination to touch the hem of His garment brought her a new life. She could have remained in that situation and die in it. Many have given up on life because of a lingering problem that has stolen so much from them.
I would like to encourage and challenge you to rise up today and regain your destiny. Refuse to give up your life to a problem. Go to the master in prayer, believe at all cost and take a step of faith. Take back your life and start living again. It might look dead, but the power of resurrection is very much alive and your faith in Jesus Christ can make the impossible possible.
Men can give up on you, but the Lord of mercy will never give up on those who call on Him in FAITH.
If Jesus can do it for the woman with the issue of blood, if He can bring back to life Lazarus who was already dead and buried for four days, yours is nothing before Him. Just believe in the power of creative miracle and fix your eyes on Him. You too can and shall have uncommon testimony in Jesus’ name.
I pray for you today that you shall have unusual VICTORY and RECOVERY in Jesus’ name. AMEN

Prophetess Victoria Michaels

You are a BLESSING

Praise the Lord woman of God, i was so blessed with your message. Thank you for being a voice to the nations. I will keep in touch and will soon invite you to be a blessing to the nation of Canada where the Lord sent us to bring His glory. Thank you

Hello Prophetess Victoria,
My name is Philomina Uwandu from Garden of Life Ministries in Chicago. I was so inspired by you and the anointing in your life and I pray that God will use you more to reach many more women like me across the globe who want to serve God more but sometimes feel discouraged or are held down by the things of the world. I learned so much from you the four days that you spent with us at Garden of Life in Chicago and I hope I will have another chance to learn from you, especially in the area of being able to teach people about the Gospel of Christ from a woman’s point of view. Although we have a dynamic and awesome Pastor David Philemon. It feels good to see an extra ordinary woman like you that paves the way for us. Thank you and may God bless you and give you strength and more fresh anointing daily.
Philomina Uwandu

Ethiopia 2010

Coming to Ethiopia is prophecy being fulfilled. My assistant Bruik and I arrived Addis Ababa on Feb. 4th.2010. It was a long but smooth flight. Glory be to God. On the 6th, we had a prayer and worship summit at the stadium. I have never seen anything like this before. The place was packed. It was simply amazing. Ethiopian worship is one of the purest worship I have ever seen. Many souls came to Christ and thousands cried to God in prayer. The Presence of God was tangible. Pastors came from Kenya, North and South America, Germany and of course, Ethiopia. I am grateful to be part of the end-time move of God. Since then, I have been ministering the Word to God’s people, twice on Sunday and weekdays. Grace has been sufficient. I miss my family back in the States. The snow over there has been horrendous. In all things, we give God the glory. I encourage everyone to stay connected to the Lord more than ever. Involve the Holy Spirit in every decision, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. The Holy Spirit is moving in a greater dimension. Do not be distracted by the challenges around the world. Fix your eyes on the Lord and give Him the glory due to His name. Shalom

Am honored to know You

I pray your day is miraculous in Jesus’ name. May God lift you high above every impossibilities in His mighty name. As heaven has opened over you, so shall your life and ministries flourish and rivers will flow through you far and wide that will bring healing, satisfaction, salvation, peace and the mercy of God to His people all over the world. You will never run dry spiritually, men will rise and testify of your God and His miracles over their lives in Jesus’ name. Stay encouraged and hold on to Him, He’s never failed you, and never will He fail you. You’ve proven beyond doubt that you are His servant–there’s a reward awaiting you His faithful and beautiful servant. I honor the anointing of God upon you, I honor you as my Mother and as my Pastor. It is a privilege serving you. You have been a tremendous blessing to my life. You will never fall, the Hand of God will continue to carry you every second.
I truly love and admire you. You are a dynamic Woman of God.


Hello Mum, how are you, i miss you so much and cant wait to see you this year. I know this is your year of shinning and manifestation of all that God has put in you and on you by His Holy Spirit. Am getting ready for my conference and wish you were able to make it but i know you will in the future. Keep the fire burning and stay in His presence. Your son
Tunji Ogunjimi


Good day Ma, thank God 4 his grace on U. Over a decade now u gave a prophetic word on your 1st trip to Ilorin on the completion of your house then. I was working @ Rhema Chapel then wit Pst Micheal Siyaka. It’s been gracious to know a great Gem & General of our generation. Cheers Ma. Michael Johnson