Season of Acceleration!

Welcome to May 2012!
This shall be a month of acceleration for you. The Lord is out to bring to pass many prophetic word spoken concerning your life that has been in the archive. You have entered into a new season, you will only go deeper in the weeks, months ahead. Be properly aligned and increase in praying in the heavenly tongues. I also hear the Lord saying, increase in your seed giving. The harvest will be quick and plenty. The Rain of God’s glory is pouring down. Be more sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Write down instructions and run with them. Do not procrastinate in this season. You are on the way to finding strange favor from strange people. You will meet people that will help you to find what you have been praying for. You are out of the pit, on the way to fulfillment. FAVOR will bring you into the presence of great people. Rejoice and give God His praise. 
 And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.
Luke 2: 52 (ESV)
Prepare quickly to meet with the king! Shalom!

One thought on “Season of Acceleration!

  1. Hello Dr. Michaels
    I never knew that you had a blog, or about Glorious Ministries website. My aunt called me a while ago and asked me to post on FaceBook a flyer for an upcoming trip to St. Thomas, then tag her in it, but I couldn’t find it. she then told me to look in your blog. Immediately this post caught my attention and I started reading. I felt as thought you were prophesying to me, just like you did before. I guess this is my appointed time to receive this word. Amazingly enough the blog after this one is concerning prophecies about the Caribbean, and specific accounts from my home land, Grenada, were mentioned. God is truly an on time God, and excitingly and also fearfully he is the same as he was in the old testament, as well as the new. The same yesterday, today and forever more. Never changing, all mighty and all powerful yet loving and merciful. I get so excited and become so alive when ever i think about the greatness of the God we serve.

    I will pray, and continue to pray as I war against the enemy on your behalf because without a doubt he is trying to stop you from fulfilling your purpose, likewise any soldier of the army of Christ. May God continue to bless you, use you and find favor in you.

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