“Keep on rejoicing in the Lord at all times. I will say it again: Keep on rejoicing!” Philippians 4: 4
The word of the Lord for someone tonight is to rejoice. When God says rejoice, yours is to simply put on joy. To rejoice means: To express great joy. The joy of the Lord is not predicated upon the challenges of life, it is not based upon any unfavorable feelings or situations you may find yourself in. God holds everything in His care. Nothing is impossible with our God, therefore, we can trust Him absolutely to come through for us.

Habakkuk 3: 18 says, “even then, I will be happy with the LORD. I will truly find joy in God, who saves me.”
I encourage you to take hold of faith and refuse to forfeit your joy to the devil. Mediate on the word of God.
Your miracle is NOW in Jesus name.


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  1. Chioma Udeze said,

    February 15, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    Please I need to talk to you urgently. We met in Nigeria summer 2011…you prayed for me. my email is

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