Watch out for my newest worship CD!

I have an exciting news, my new worship CD “Simply Worship” will be released this year by God’s grace. I thank everyone who has encouraged me to put this worship CD together. I am so grateful to God for the gift of songwriting.

I love to worship the Lord, as a matter of fact, I am at my best when I can pour out my heart in worship. Many of the songs I sing were written as a result of how I was feeling about my relationship with the Lord. I write songs because that’s the best way I know how to communicate my emotion. Music is very powerful. After many years of hearing people ask me if I had a CD that contained the worship songs that I sing, I finally decided to return to the studio and put some of those songs down. With the help of my producer, I am releasing a 12 track album this year. I am so excited about the songs.

I have been playing the songs on my I Pad for the past two weeks while I sleep. The music is so soothing and reassuring of who our God is in our lives.
I invite you to share in my passion of music.

I love you all

2 thoughts on “Watch out for my newest worship CD!

  1. Grace and peace Prophetess Victoria,
    I am here to let the world know that this CD is awesome and anointing. I would reccommend this CD to anyone. We love you here in NYC!
    Lady Natalie

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