The Power of Saying NO!

WOW!!! We had an awesome teaching today at TABERNACLE OF PRAISE CHURCH, BALTIMORE. Pst. Victoria Michaels taught on “THE POWER OF SAYING NO”. She said, ‘Mastering the word No, is the beginning of enjoying your liberty in Christ Jesus’. ‘Many people are struggling with an addiction, because they could not say no when they needed to.’ Be careful of the kind of agreements you get into.’

2 thoughts on “The Power of Saying NO!

  1. This was a powerful message. It really made me think so much about my past.There have been times in my past when all i had to do was to just say ‘NO’!!!! Oh my God!!!!
    But i am ready to move forward and am ready to say NO!!! when i need to. God help me.

    Mom, thank you very much for this word. i need to get a copy.


  2. The Power to say NO!! , We can say No! to so many things that comes our way , No! to drugs , No to this wicked world No! to youthful lust, No! to overtime @ work , No! to coming to church late , NO! to SIN No No No No!!!!!!!!!!! Enough is enough i want to soar to the top and fulfill my destiny and that can only come to pass if i learn how to say NO!!!!! i was blessed by that message , please get a copy now !!!!!!!!!!

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